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A Message About our Decision to Prevent Unauthorized Usage of myQ

11/7: A quick update to our post:  

Our customers rely on us to make access simple without sacrificing quality and reliability. Unauthorized app integrations, stemming from only 0.2% of myQ users, previously accounted for more than half of the traffic to and from the myQ system, and at times constituted a substantial DDOS event that consumed high quantities of resources. Our approved smart home integrations also remain in place. While myQ Home Bridge was discontinued in 2022, the product is still supported and our IFTTT integration continues to be an option for myQ users.

Chamberlain Group recently made the decision to prevent unauthorized usage of our myQ ecosystem through third-party apps.

This decision was made so that we can continue to provide the best possible experience for our 10 million+ users, as well as our authorized partners who put their trust in us. We understand that this impacts a small percentage of users, but ultimately this will improve the performance and reliability of myQ, benefiting all of our users.

We encourage those who were impacted to check out our authorized partners here:

We’ll continue to provide important updates and developments related to myQ on our Chamberlain Group and myQ newsroom.


-Dan Phillips, Chief Technology Officer