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Millions of Homeowners with a myQ Connected Garage Door Opener Can Now Take Advantage of Key by Amazon In-Garage Grocery Delivery
myQ is the first technology to enable Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery and In-Garage Grocery Delivery

OAK BROOK, Ill., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of homeowners use the myQ® app to control, secure and monitor their home's main entry points and enable convenient access experiences like Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery - anytime, from anywhere. Now myQ users can receive grocery orders from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market securely inside their garage and rest easy knowing their groceries will be safe until they get home.


"Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a convenient and secure delivery option eligible Prime members across the U.S are using to keep their packages safe. Making Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery more broadly available is a natural extension of the service," said Tyler Lenczuk, Director of Delivery Services for Chamberlain Group, a global leader in access control solutions with its Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door opener brands and myQ connected technology. "With the surge in online grocery shopping over the past year, and studies showing 90% of e-grocery shoppers are expected to continue to shop online, it makes sense to provide convenient delivery options like In-Garage Grocery Delivery."

Homeowners need myQ technology to enable Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery and In-Garage Grocery Delivery. Launched in 2019, Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery has become a popular delivery option for many Prime members. Now eligible Prime members in the U.S. can also take advantage of Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery. Getting set up for both services is easy.

  1. If you don't already have a garage door opener powered by myQ, upgrade your garage with myQ smart technology.
  2. Once myQ connected, link your account to Key by Amazon in the myQ app.
  3. Select "Key Delivery" at checkout the next time you shop online at Amazon, Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market. Amazon drivers receive temporary, one-time access to your garage, and don't need keys or codes.

"Over the past 10 years myQ has evolved to offer more than the ability to simply open and close a garage door from your smartphone," said Jeff Meredith, President and Chief Operating Officer for Chamberlain Group. "Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery and the expansion of In-Garage Grocery Delivery has helped reveal more ways that myQ can enable convenient access experiences for homeowners."

myQ is the powerful software behind Chamberlain® and LiftMaster® Garage Door Openers, Smart Garage® Control, Smart Garage Camera® and Locks. It provides seamless continuity between products, enabling homeowners to control, secure and monitor all their home's main entry points from the myQ app.  The myQ ecosystem line of products also work seamlessly with Key by Amazon to enhance the delivery experience. Homeowners can watch deliveries happen in real-time with an optional Smart Garage Camera through the myQ app, and limit access to the home by ensuring the garage entry door is locked when a delivery is taking place with a Yale | LiftMaster Smart Lock.

See how it In-Garage Grocery Delivery works here. To find out if you are eligible for Key by Amazon In-Garage Grocery Delivery click here.

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